The European Index of Military Integration

Apr 25, 2014
Marius Pricopi

As almost every concept and process in international relations, military integration is difficult to quantify. This type of integration was initiated and it is still accelerated by many determining factors, knows different forms of manifestation on the European military scene and evolves based on certain trends. Measuring such a process becomes a real challenge. In this idea I developed, as part of my doctoral studies, the European Index of Military Integration. The Index is shortly described hereinafter.

The European Index of Military Integration classifies the European Union’s member states according to their existing level of military integration at a given time. The Index is a ranking in which member states appear in descending order, according to statistical results obtained from complex calculations. The first position therefore belongs to the most militarily integrated state in European structures and processes, while the last place belongs to the least thus integrated state.

The Index is compiled based on the values ​​obtained for the Indicator military integration. This is a measure of military integration and it is calculated, based on a specific methodology, for each individual member state. A higher or lower value of the Indicator military integration provides for each country a more comfortable, respectively less comfortable position in the European Index of Military Integration.

After entering all the data and converting them into scores, I calculated the Indicator military integration for each individual member state. With these values ​​available, I compiled the European Index of Military Integration. Specifically, the Index was obtained by decreasingly ordering the member states, depending on the value obtained by each of them for the Indicator military integration.

The Index top positions are held by the states most militarily integrated into European structures and processes. As we move away from the top positions, the degree of military integration achieved by the member states also decreases. As is natural, the ranking is ended by the least integrated countries in the same European structures and processes.

But the Index is not intended as an end in itself, as it may well represent a starting point. A first interesting application of the Index is the European Map of Military Integration. The Map is obtained by assigning a certain reference interval for the values of the Indicator ​​military integration with a rating that shows the level of military integration and with a colour.

Results from the Index can then generate constructive analysis of the first and last ranked states, accompanied by historical, economic or political-military arguments meant to justify the presence of a state on a particular position.

Finally, interesting insights could emerge from implications resulting from the compilation of the Index and from its various possibilities of exploration. Being an instrument of knowledge, the Index can be improved by various means, or used in new ways, among which we propose: validation of the Index, establishing correlations between different indices, calculating the Index over several years and developing estimates on the level of military integration of member states.


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